Favor….Life at the Speed of Obedience

In February 2014 our World Missions Director (now General Overseer) released a book entitled "The Amos Paradigm: Life at the Speed of Favor".  I recommend it.  Dealing with a word from the Old Testament prophet concerning the speed at which the blessings of the Father come to His servants (Amos 9:13), it is a fresh retelling of … Continue reading Favor….Life at the Speed of Obedience

I Am Not A Coach!

Fads.  Fads have become the driving force behind many of the most visible and familiar movements within the church.  Entire ministries have arisen on the premise of bridging the gap between Cross and culture, and that's a legitimate, scripturally sanctioned tactic (see Acts 17:22-31, et al).  There's nothing new about that really - there's always … Continue reading I Am Not A Coach!