February 19, 2017 (AM) – Where’s My Spot


February 19, 2017 (PM) – Three  Brothers


October 30, 2016 (PM) – A Fight to be Fought


October 9, 2016 (AM) – Faith and Works


October 2, 2016 (AM) – Three Strikes, You’re Out!


September 25, 2016 (AM) – The Cure for Falling Away


June 21, 2015 (AM) – It’s All About Connection


June 14, 2015 (AM) – There’s Still Potential In The Potters Hand


May 31, 2015 (AM) – God Uses Imperfect People



2 thoughts on “Sermons

  1. These sermons are awesome! They have truly fed my soul during this pandemic. Thanks for your study of the word, your devotion to God, and your commitment to minister to your fellow man, and woman!😍🤓


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