I’m Pastor Ed Brewer.  I have been Senior Pastor of the Bountyland Church of God since the first week of 2000.  An Ordained Bishop since 1994, I also serve as the District Overseer for the Seneca District Churches of God, and am active in leadership of SC Church of God World Missions.  Additionally, I am honored to serve on the SC Church of God State Council and to have served on the Board of Church Ministries.  In another life, I served nine years in the US Navy Submarine service where I was as an enlisted engineer, first on the USS Henry L. Stimson and then the USS James K. Polk (Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines) during the cold war and the first gulf war. I was an instructor in reactor plant operations and systems at the nuclear prototype training unit in Ballston Spa, NY as well as a stint at the Submarine Training Facility in Charleston, SC.  In addition to engineering and military training, I earned a Bachelors degree with majors in Political Science and Sociology from the State University of New York, and am an alumnus of the Church of God Theological Seminary (Pentecostal Theological Seminary today).  My late wife and I completed our ministerial internship in Glens Falls, NY in the mid 80’s.  Before coming to Bountyland, we served pastorates in Kings Creek, SC and in Pamplico, SC as well as an Associate Pastorate in Charleston, SC and as Protestant worship leader when the submarines on which I served were deployed.  Along with pastoral responsibilities, I served on the Board of Directors for the Foothills Pregnancy Care Center during a period of notable growth.  During my tenure as chairman, the ministry was greatly expanded to include a second targeted location and conversion to a partial medical facility with ultrasound on site.  I have served as a community service chaplain, and am an active and patriotic member of the American Legion.

Most importantly, I am the grandfather of three perfect grandchildren – Natalie Hope, Brennan Jacob, and Caleb Matthew Brewer – and father of one remarkable son, Adam.  My childhood sweetheart Rhonda became my partner in the journey in May 1983 and served faithfully until the Lord called her home on March 1, 2006.  Our oldest child, Kimberly, was also called home three months shy of her 20th birthday on March 9, 2006 after a battle against a rare auto-immune disease.  Adam has served in the US Navy Submarine force as a Sonar Technician since January 2007, and is stationed with his family in Kings Bay, GA.

Since being widowed in 2006, I have survived a cancer scare by the grace of God and successful surgery, and have poured my energy into the ministry of the church, the work of world missions, and the privilege of ministering to hurting ministers and their widows.