A Few Questions….

Just a few questions on my mind this afternoon for my family (the Church)….

1. What if we stopped focussing so much on how much is given and instead focussed on how many are giving?
2. What if we not just go to bible study, but we study the bible and ‘go’?
3. What if we were as interested in transformation as in information?
4. What if we really meant that marriage is a sacred covenant and not just a letter of intent?
5. What if we were more concerned about the righteousness of the next generation than with their ‘success’?
6. What if we still remembered the difference between loving correction and rejection?
7. What if we weren’t ashamed to preach the biblical model of the family as right rather than one form among supposed equals?
8. What if our collective civic voice was more about issues than alliances?
9. What if we allowed the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth rather than Google?
10. What if we had the gumption to fight for righteousness more than our own individual ‘rights’?
11. What if we still called our kids to virtuous living rather than consequence free acceptance?
12. What if our worship was a sacred encounter with a holy God rather than just a concert and a pep talk by His minions?

….I guess what I’m really trying to say is that the real church is not divisible, people are not disposable, the will of God is discernable, the power of God is available, and the Great Commission is doable?! Roll up your sleeves, Church – we’ve got work to do!

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