*warning* pent up political rant ahead!

How is it possible that with as many as twenty candidates running for the single most powerful office in the history of man that they are all caught up in the political Mobius loop of a calculating narcissist’s manic machinations? A frustrated, unreflective electorate is vulnerable to the nihilitic impulse to slash and burn anything resembling what seems to not be working at the expense of asking what’s next. The one that seems to be taking all the political oxygen out of the room is reminiscent of the proverbial collie chasing a Cadillac that suddenly catches it – the sudden ‘now what’ come-uppance that is awaiting an unvetted, unprepared, illegitimately motivated circus barker is palpably inevitable to the unagitated mind. I don’t know an easy answer to this one…. our entire culture has become a celebrity driven carnival a generation removed from embracing secular progressivism over Judeo-Christian absolutism, but I have to believe that the Body of Christ in America hasn’t been completely sundered by the secular tide. As a patriotic believer, I also have to believe that there are still those among us that are not too cowed to actually attempt to dispassionately evaluate our potential leaders’ character over their rhetoric. If we don’t, the laughable legacy of ‘religious conservatism’ will be the support that it gave to the first president in history to own a strip joint, build an empire on vice and general unrestrained thuggery, and whose principles vacillate with whiplash inducing alacrity. It is absolutely illegitimate to judge this man’s or any man’s spiritual condition in this context, but it is vital to hold him accountable for his conduct – more importantly, to hold ourselves accountable for whether we offer that conduct tacit approval and turn the voice of the light of the world into that of just another calculating sycophant.

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