On a Lighter Note

On a lighter note….my LG super dyna-whopping smarty phone has an app that suggests a certain number of steps per day in order to maintain a modicum of fitness along with an inertial sensor that keeps track of my steps. My number is 6597 steps per day. Some days I make it easily, and other days I suffer the ignominy of a red-inked nasti-gram from this cyber-nanny. It’s been a little bit of a laid back Saturday, so I was braced for my requisite electronic castigation when I checked my total a few minutes ago and it said I have walked 22,900 steps today!! Barney Fife had nothing on my self-satisfied smirk as I pondered the day’s activity in search of that level of activity which I neither remembered nor from which I felt the muscular toll. Then it hit me….I was perched curiously leaning on the edge of my boat as my friend Tim performed CPR on my old outboard – it coughed, spat, rattled, and otherwise threw a mechanical hissy fit coming back to life from years of dormancy – ole LG Nanny was right there in that shirt pocket vibrating away with every wheezing shudder. Then I mounted the ZTR to mow a couple of acres of grass, and the LG remained in that pocket. The smirk is gone as I realize I really didn’t earn the little gold star today, but at least now I know how to fake out that overbearing little cyber-nag. Skill noted for future reference… It’s been a good day! Blessings!

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