…cry aloud, and spare not!

Sitting here listening to the gentle tapping of the early morning rain, I find myself at a loss for anything pithy to say. The Lord is still in His heaven, men are still predictably self absorbed and gloriously deluded in their sin, and the church is, by and large, thoroughly engrossed in picking the metaphorical lint out of its spiritual navel. Not to sound morose, but just how did the roar of the upper room become the whine of the presumptuously entitled? Men have ridden… the perpetually cyclical carousel of sin’s consequences since the momentarily euphoric taste of that forbidden fruit dissolved to the panicked realization of its price.
This world is not in need of anything so much as it needs a Savior! The deluded masses under the Mohammedan curse feel it and are deceived by Islam’s pretender. Countless other religious systems have arisen and fallen from the various ebbs and flows of man’s corporate experience, and none have been able to slake that innate thirst that can’t be quenched by the promise of forbidden fruit.

The Great Commission is simple…and thoroughly inaccessible to the majority of the people sitting on our too comfortable pews. For many, evangelism is more akin to persuading men to join their club than to encounter His cross. Where are those who will “…cry aloud and spare not”? The Church has been entrusted with the means to bring peace to the chaos, yet we spend more time fussing over the package than delivering the product! “We’ve become more superficial than supernatural” (L.R.). There is a morbid dissonance in trying to encourage the ensnared. Men in chains need a deliverer, not a comforter. To borrow an oft used aphorism from another era, “sin is the cause, Christ is the cure!” Said another way – ‘Christ didn’t come to make bad men good, He came to make dead men live!” (Leonard Ravenhill). Praying for Holy Ghost revival….

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